In the next 12 months

Below are a collection of key dates, events and general 'goings on' within the parish, cunningly divided into an easily digestible month by month basis

01 September 2019

Sunday Services in September

Sunday 1st September: 
Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Ecclus 3: 17-20, 28-29
Reading 2:  Hebrews 12: 18-19, 22-24
Gospel: Luke 14: 1, 7-14

Sunday 8th September  
Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time  
Reading 1: Wisdom 9: 13-18
Reading 2:  Philem: 9-10 12-17
Gospel: Luke 14: 25-33

08 September 2019

Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the

Today we celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary's Birthday (8th Sept)

Birthday celebrations bring happiness to the celebrant as well as to family and friends and for this reason, next to the Birth of Jesus, Mary's birth offers the greatest possible happiness to the world.  

Join us as we celebrate the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

08 September 2019

Feast of Title at St Mary-on-Paddington Green Church

We are pleased to welcome everyone to St Mary's, today at 11am, as the parish unites in a joint service of celebration, the Feast of Title.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Mass at St Saviour's Church today as both churches join together for this special service.  There is still the 8am Low Mass at St Saviours. 

There will be a Parish lunch following Mass to which all are invited.



08 September 2019

Parish Lunch

Following the 'Feast of Title' service at St Mary-on-Paddington Green there will be a Parish Lunch in church.


14 September 2019

Mission to Children

The Mission to Children is very important to us here in the parish, and as such all those involved should avail themselves as much as they can to the excellent training sessions arranged by Alex Taylor, Children's Ministry Advisor at the Diocese.  Please follow this link to the Diocese website for more details on how to enrol on any courses or check the notice board in church.

The Training session in September is on Saturday 14th September - follow this link to enrol -  Hampstead Training Session

15 September 2019

Sunday Services in September cont.

Sunday 15th September: 
Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Exodus 32: 7-11
Reading 2:  1 Timothy 1: 12-17
Gospel: Luke 15: 1-32

Sunday 22nd September  
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time  
Reading 1: Amos 8: 4-7
Reading 2:  1 Timothy 2: 1-8
Gospel: Luke 16: 1-13


29 September 2019

Sunday Services in September cont..

Sunday 29th September: 
Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Amos 6: 1, 4-7
Reading 2:  1 Timothy 6: 11-16
Gospel: Luke 16: 19-31