Sacraments of the Sick

We are always happy to visit the sick either at home or in hospital. Bear in mind that the Clergy are not mind readers so remember to call them if you need a visit or if you know of someone else who would appreciate a call, whether or not they are regular members of the congregation.

Usually, when visiting the sick or housebound, the Priest will call informally and have a friendly talk. If it seems appropriate, the Priest may ask if he might say a prayer for the sick person, or offer a blessing.

Sometimes we feel especially vulnerable and in need of the assurance of God’s everlasting love. This can happen before surgery, a course of intensive treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy or towards the end of life. In these cases the Priest can be called to administer the Sacraments of the Sick. The Priest can be called for this at any time of the day or night, at home or in hospital or hospice.

At this service:

  • The Priest greets the sick person and any others present and wishes them Peace in the Lord
  • The sick person can talk privately with the Priest about anything that is particularly troubling him, that he wants to “get off his chest”. If appropriate the Priest may pronounce words of absolution, forgiveness.
  • The Priest will pray for the sick person and lay hands on his head to give strength, encouragement and peace.
  • The Priest will anoint him with the Oil of the Sick (blessed by the Bishop each Maundy Thursday) on the forehead and hands (and sometimes feet)
  • He will bless the sick person and everyone present.

The Priest will stay as long as the sick person or family desires and will visit regularly, repeating the Sacraments of the Sick as required.

Need more information?

If you would like to book a sick visit from a Priest please call Karen on 020 7723 7266.

In emergency please telephone 07957 140 371