Choosing a Church Wedding

Steve and Victoria

On August 16th 2014 Steve and I were married at St Mary’s Paddington Green.It was important to us to be married in a church as we are both Christians and we felt that for us finding the right church was essential to creating a special and lasting memory of the most significant day in our lives.

Getting to Know the Parish

We stumbled across St Mary’s Paddington Green on a Sunday evening on the way home from a weekend away looking at churches in Yorkshire! We live in Little Venice and could hardly believe that the perfect church was on our doorstep. We were immediately struck by a number of qualities. Namely that it has a sense of history as a place of worship, a sense of community, also there is a feel to the church that we loved (sorry I can’t explain it better than that) and not least of all, the church has a real understated beauty and calm, inside and out. This all achieved in a central London setting.

Of course it was also hugely important to us that we connect with the person due to marry us. Father Gary Bradley welcomed us with open arms and walked us the through the necessary details, considerations (and legalities) of getting married. This was done in a friendly and sensitive way. In fact it was great fun to have a meal and a glass of wine together. To discuss how we came together and how we wished to formalise that commitment in the sight of God.

Support and Guidance

The fact that Father Gary took time to get to know us meant a lot then and has continued to mean a lot as we have been embraced as regularly members of the congregation at St. Mary’s. Organising details such as the flowers was made trouble-free thanks to Peggy the Verger and at that stage of our wedding plans it was a real blessing for anything to go smoothly. Our family and friends also had a great day. We received numerous comments on how perfectly the ceremony went and how beautiful the Church looked.

Like all engaged couples we had high expectations for our wedding day and the Church , its community in particular, but I can honestly say that the Church means more to us now than we could have ever imagined.